It’s Amazing What Praising Can Do!

When things are going wrong, we all have the tendency to rail against God or ourselves for the hard times. I have found that if, instead, I praise God for allowing me to go through the hard time, He helps me to bear it – and He ALWAYS brings something good out of the hard time! So you don’t think you can thank Him for the trial itself – then thank Him for helping you to bear it, for helping you to make it through! Thank Him for the lesson you will learn from the trial – it might be to trust, to lean on Him, to have patience, to wait on His timing. Or, you might be going through the trial as an example to someone else – others are watching how you deal with situations, remember, and whether you praise God or curse Him will affect their walks with Jesus, too. There have been many trials that I have gone through where I thought I was all alone. After the trial was over, people came up to me to tell me what my reaction to the trial had meant to them. I learned my lesson – praising is the best way to deal with any situation!


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