The Eyes of Jesus

I wish I had the eyes of Jesus.

So many times I’ve worked like crazy in a job or a ministry, or in the life of someone specific, and wondered if anything I’ve done has made a difference.

It’s not that I want recognition for my work; I don’t.  All glory belongs to God, and what I do is only my “reasonable service.”  No, I just want to know that my efforts are making a difference.  Only God can see that, however.  Only He knows what will happen to the children persuaded to sing with abandon in praise to Jesus; only He knows if that person who was prayed with will have closure; only He knows if the work that is put in for a Sunday School lesson will be worth the effort and remembered by the class.

And that’s good enough.  After all, He’s the Almighty.  He doesn’t need me to do His work, but he chooses to use me.  And I’m SO grateful He does!

I still wish I had the eyes of Jesus, however.  Maybe then I could see the hurt hearts behind the faces of those around me, and know how to help them.  Maybe I would be better able to understand why a person reacts in one way or another, and know what to say to them to help them deal with the situation they are in.  Maybe I would better understand myself.  If nothing else, at least I might have more compassion, more love for others.

Yes, I wish I had the eyes of Jesus.


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