Hi, I’m Melissa. I am 28, single, and totally in love with Jesus. I recently graduated from nursing school and am preparing to take my boards (licensing examination). I currently teach K-2, and I love it! My dream is to be a pediatric nurse at a hospital like St. Jude’s, Riley’s, or Chicago Children’s Hospital. My biggest priority, however, is a closer relationship with God. I want to do everything I can to grow deeper in Jesus.


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  1. What a blessing to see you, at age 28, following Chist. I was baptized at age 9 so have loved Jesus for many years. But I didn’t learn how to let him have ALL of me, to put Him in front of everyone and ALL things until I was 49. I call it my 40 years in the wilderness, circling the mountain, like the Children of Isreal on their way to the Promised Land. 🙂 God bless you and fulfil your dreams.

    • Thank you! I do feel so incredibly blessed to have known God for as long as I have. And I think we all go through a process of letting Him have all of us. Paul said, “I die daily;” I think this means that, no matter what level of growth we are at, we have to daily surrender our will to Him.

      May God bless and keep you, and may He continue to show you the wonder that is found in having a real, sold-out relationship with God!

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