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By Melissa Warren

I’ve made so many mistakes, I can’t begin to count them
I don’t know sometimes why I do the things I do
Or why I don’t do the things I want to
The apostle Paul struggle with that, too
I remember times that I did things. . . things that I’m so very not proud of
Things I wish were nothing more than a nightmare
Even if they wouldn’t seem that bad to anyone else, they were that bad to me
And I wish, oh how I wish, that I could go back and redo everything
Restart my life, with a better sense of right and wrong
With the memory of what I’ve been through, so I’ll know how to live
Have the chance to do something the right way, without having to learn the hard way
But life is funny; it doesn’t bow to our will
I would that it did
Life is linear, from our point of view
And we can’t go back and change it
It’s there, forever
All those mistakes, those things I don’t like about myself
I can’t erase them
But, I know Someone Who can
I know a Man that has the power to cover my mistakes, my sins, and wash them away
Those stains on my life
They don’t have to have power over me
Not if I give my life to Him
To Jesus
‘Cuz He has this really awesome way about Him
He likes to wipe the slate clean
Doesn’t mean the mistakes haven’t happened
But it does mean, that if we ask Him to,
He forgets them
He covers them with His perfect blood, and washes us as white as snow
The new kind of snow, pure, no blemishes
So in a way, we do have the ability to go back and make better decisions
But instead, we go forward and make better decisions
Better yet, it’s not a one-time offer
He’s faithful to me, to us
He forgives us, over and over again
Mistakes? What mistakes?
He has made me new.

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”  II Corinthians 5:17

Isaiah 1:18


ALL Things

So, it was a bit of a crazy day on Wednesday.  Had a paper that is a HUGE part of my grade due for class.  Opened my laptop while at work to polish and print it out, and discovered… it was gone.  Had to COMPLETELY retype the entire paper, with only about 1 1/2 hours to do it (mind you, this was a minimum 5 pg paper, but needed 8 or more pages to be done right).  Deep breath, remember Philippians 4:13.  Start typing.  Long story short, got the rewrite done and got to class with literally 10 seconds to spare – my teacher was headed towards the door to close it.

Honestly?  Would not have been able to do it without the Lord’s help.

And as I was thinking about what to write tonight – more than just about my paper, I mean – I realized that Philippians 4:13 works in more ways then we probably think about on a daily basis.

For instance – I couldn’t get up in the morning if God didn’t help me.  I coudn’t breathe without His breath in me.  My heart wouldn’t beat if He hadn’t made me with a brain to regulate that all-important function.  I would struggle to walk, talk, eat, read, and so, SO many other things.

I can’t do anything without God, since He created me.


That’s not to say I’m about to run out and try to pick cars up.  Cuz there is a thing called “tempting God,” and we’re not supposed to do it (see Deuteronmy 6:16).  But if I needed to pick up a car, He would help me do it.  Or get a paper rewrite that  should take at least 5 hours complete in 1 1/2 instead – well, yeah, He’ll help me with that, too.  After all, I’m His child; He wants me to succeed.  And when I make mistakes (like not backing up to another source), He doesn’t hold it against me.  I’m so thankful for that!

Whatever task you might be facing – work, school, family, church, or anything else related – God can and will help you accomplish it, if it’s within His will for your life (remember, He doesn’t want you to walk down a path that will cause you grief).

Thank You, Lord, for loving me enough to overlook my mistakes, my attitude problems, laziness/apathy, selfishness, and all the other bad character traits I know I have.  I’m so grateful that You have made, are making, and will make a way for me, every time.  Please help me to remember how much You love me when I get frustrated at the slow driver causing me to be late for something, and realize I should have put down the book or got off the internet sooner so I could leave sooner, or when I am in danger of losing my patience with an unruly child, or when I get all stressed out and forget to thank You for keeping me busy.  I want to please You, Lord, in everything I do.  Thank You for helping me with everything I’ve attempted – nursing school, teaching, furthering my education, buying a house, and SO many more things throughout the course of my life.  You demonstrated that the impossible was possible for You, when You died on the cross and forgave me of my sins.  All things are possible with You, God; and You will give me the strength to bear any trial that comes my way.  Thanks, God.  I love You! ♥

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

“But God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8